The choice of the product to exhibit at The Office Exhibition 2010: the voice of the exhibiting companies

At exhibitions, companies usually exhibit new products. Instead at The Office Exhibition of Dubai the exhibited products are, in most cases, already existing in the catalogue.

By what logic are they chosen and what are the main benefits of participation to this show?

Ares Line – Diso Usberti, Export Manager

As in all the events, the strategy of choosing products is connected to the goals to pursue; in this case, our goals were:
– to give visibility to our local distributor as a specialist in the conference and educational fields;
– to identify the brand of the company with our ability to operate at 360° in all the seating areas with
  highly innovative products of quality and excellent design;
– to highlight the added value of a product “Made in Italy” compared to a similar product made in
  the Far East.

Arper – Daniel Gava, Export Manager

At The Office Exhibition we presented a synthesis of the latest new products and previous collections coherent with the style and trends of the Middle Eastern market.
We encountered a great interest in our executive chairs such as Aston (designed by Jean-Marie Massaud). Aston has a synchronized mechanism for the sitting/back adjustment: a technical device for even more demanding  customers in terms of comfort and performance that yet doesn’t give up on style and design.
Great success for Catifa 46 (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina), winner of the first edition of “The Office Award”, result of the right balance among design, technology and elegance.
Arper considers fundamental participating to The Office Exhibition as it can establish a business relationship with subsidiaries of internationally renowned architectural firms located in the Middle East.

Camillo Sirianni – Francesco Sirianni, Sales Manager

The presentation of new products is one of the reasons that pushes a company to attend an event but certainly isn’t the only one; the commercial opportunities deriving from them must be evaluated. Consequently, mere participation becomes a moment of meeting and interchange with dealers that already are customers or, for the less known brands, opportunities to increase their visibility on a market area.
It is also appropriate to note that in some historical periods the market is not able to understand novelties and product innovations; nevertheless, this doesn’t mean slowing down the initiatives that also safeguard the already acquired market shares.

Della Valentina Office – Marco Tenani, Export Executive

Our company is experiencing an evolutionary phase and we exhibited the products that are currently attracting the attention of most interior designers.
Moreover, the choice of colours and compositions is made with our local customers to meet local taste.

Dieffebi – Michael Burford, Export Sales Manager

We exhibited products already present in the catalogue since we are reserving the new products for the Orgatec Show which is the most important global exhibition in the office field.
In selecting the products we considered that the office furniture markets in the Middle East are very conservative. They aren’t easily attracted by novelties and especially ask for traditional furniture with layout concepts similar to those of the American market rather than the European one. The archiving area, for example, requests a type of product without technical or design tinsels therefore, archiving containers that incorporate the concept of “lateral file” and traditional sliding cabinets or pivot door. The preferred colours are white, light grey and aluminium.

Frezza – Sergio Lion, Managing Director

This show does not principally aim to the exhibition of the product but most of all to strengthen the business relationships. Our company displayed an operating furniture system with the aim of introducing in the Middle Eastern market the concept of European operating furniture systems (bench tables, open space sharing systems, etc.) as an alternative to the American ones (closed low furniture modules) that still are the most employed in this area.
Further to the products exhibited, the main returns from this show for our company mostly refer to the consolidation of the business relationship with our local distribution network; in addition, the Dubai show is of interest to us for the research of new architecture studios.

Meco – Eugenio Russo, Export Manager

Meco products are chosen based on our knowledge of trends in reference markets, Middle East for the case.
The main benefit we achieve from participating to exhibitions is visibility. For a brand name like ours, in growth and seeking  affirmation, it is essential to be present.

Moving – Pietro Lovato, Managing Director

The products presented were selected amongst the high-level ones mainly to prevent Chinese competition. I also believe that the Italian companies should propose solutions increasingly rich in technical content and design, otherwise it is increasingly difficult to protect the markets.
Our company has always been present at the Dubai event but always had small booths as to reserve the best investments in other initiatives for customers at our office that guarantee us high visibility.

Office&Co – Diego Della Valentina, Owner

Our company deemed opportune to attend the exhibition in Dubai presenting both products in the catalogue and “test” items that anticipate the new collections 2010.
The decision to exhibit solutions not in production yet mainly aims to identify the Customers’ requirements and offer appropriate responses.

Unifor – Tommaso Gnoni  – Export Area Manager

Usually, novelties are exhibited at shows instead at The Office Exhibition in Dubai variants of product trying to meet the local taste were chosen. For example, wood finishings having light colours such as pear wood and sycamore used for the American and European markets are not very popular; the local market prefers darker and more precious hues.
However, at the Dubai show Unifor enriched the program of  executive furniture Naòs with a new bookcase with modular structure fastened to the wall. The new bookcase is totally finished with a refined white lacquer and fitted with work table in the same colour, shelves and book dividing elements in polished anodized aluminium and shelves and cabinets in aluminium and crystal.

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