Results of The Office Exhibition 2010: the voice of the Italian exhibitors

The Editor of OfficeBit presents the considerations of some Italian companies present at The Office Exhibition 2010. They were asked if they are satisfied with their presence and if they have established more business opportunities than the last edition due to the reduction of Italian exhibitors.

Ares Line – Diso Usberti, Export Manager

The 2009 edition has been one of the most tragic shows in terms of visitors in the recent years. This undoubtedly reflects positively on a preliminary analysis of the 2010 participants, certainly qualitatively more satisfying but still below expectations. Good presence of the Saudi Arabian operators, poor instead for the rest of the Gulf area. Still very low presence of important architects, designers and specifiers.

Arper – Daniel Gava, Export Manager

The Office Exhibition 2010 has been an important event to announce the opening of the new Arper branch in Dubai that will allow us to take root in the Middle East, geographical area strategic for us, where we want to consolidate our existing presence.
Having a local team in place means ensuring a quicker local service and after-sales assistance, scheduled and tailored to the requirements, strengthening the dialogue and trust between the company and its target.

Camillo Sirianni – Francesco Sirianni, Sales Manager

The evident decline of exhibitors is certainly not equal to the interest shown during the event.
The number of admissions, although not large, certainly was of professional level.
Further, the lower number of exhibitors allowed the visitor to have more time available and to better focus on interchange.
The number of contacts was important, along with the perception of many projects in the Gulf that will materialize in the short term.
The choice to participate will be rewarded within shortly by the already perceptible developments of the Middle Eastern market that prefigures to be of absolute importance in the international scene.

Della Valentina Office – Marco Tenani, Export Executive

We decided to participate to the 2010 exhibition despite the catastrophic edition of 2009 to demonstrate to our customers the continuity of confidence towards this area.
The results have been better than expectations for an accumulation of factors: lower participation of competition, the market actually slowly recovering after last year’s fear, the demonstration of trust.
The positive feeling is due mostly to the fact that we talked about concrete projects which last year were completely missing.
Particular interest came from countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are overcoming the economic crisis better than others.

Dieffebi – Michael Burford, Export Sales Manager

Compared to other years, this year the visitors were “a little less local”; in fact, they came not only from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates but especially from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt and Kuwait, hence from the emerging markets of the Middle East. This was an advantage for us because we already have many contacts in the Emirates, hence our goal is to expand to other markets of the Middle East.
Regarding the type of visitors, there were less architects and manufacturers but many end users, primarily Facility Managers. More and more often it seems that the end user intervenes directly in the choice of the product to get a better understanding of the solutions proposed by the market.

Frezza – Sergio Lion – Managing Director

In general, we were pleased with this edition, though it might have been better; last year we definitely were more successful.
It seems that the Middle Eastern and North African areas are recovering from the crisis.
Of course, the exhibitors were very few; in this respect, I recently received a request by the organizers of the exhibition in which our opinion is asked if it would be convenient or not to propose the 2011 edition. One hypothesis is to incorporate it in other events such as “The Hotel Show” or “Index Dubai.”

Meco – Eugenio Russo, Export Manager

We are very pleased with the quality of the visitors and business opportunities that they could bring us. Anyhow, results cannot be obtained or guessed close to a show … within 6 or 8 months we will understand how many of the new contacts (some of which are really very important) have turned into concrete business opportunities.  Also, being present at the show not only means creating new roads but also “resurfacing” old ones.

Moving – Pietro Lovato, Amministratore Delegato

We are not absolutely pleased with this edition. The number of  Italian exhibitors was very low compared to expectations and local visitors were very few. The last edition went much better. It seems that in the Middle Eastern and North African areas there aren’t any ongoing projects and that the market is stationary. However, for us the market of that area has always been interesting since we have a distributor in Dubai.

Office&Co – Diego Della Valentina, Owner of the Company

We are fully satisfied with the 2010 edition. Indeed there was a decrease in both Italian and foreign exhibitors but the flux of visitors was constant, mainly coming from: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Iran. We were also impressed by the quality of visitors represented by qualified professionals.
Our company considers it important to participate in this show to support the local partners and follow up the ongoing investments in the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Unifor- Tommaso Gnoni –  Export Area Manager

The presence of Unifor at The Office Exhibition has served to confirm the direct presence on the market. The number of visitors was lower than the previous editions but was an audience that showed interest in the products; furthermore, the lack of a greater alternative than the other years, gave us more time to demonstrate the use of our systems.
There are several ongoing projects not only in the Gulf area but also in neighbouring countries such as Iraq, Syria, India who have brought a greater number of visitors compared to previous years.
The expense budget is significantly reduced; greater focus is given to traditional products, term understood as solidity, flexibility and a good relationship with the economic value.

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