Online OfficeExpo 2011: the virtual theatre of office furniture has begun

OfficeExpo 2011 is finally online, the new virtual event that hosts the new products for 2010 in the office furniture field.
The event, that will run throughout the year and is about to take off in the upcoming days, starting from now you can see the
first new entries but keep on following us to not lose all the new products 2011.

OfficeExpo in fact is “an ongoing project”: the companies can join the initiative at any moment during the year and all that users have to do is just often visit OfficeExpo to stay updated on the new market proposals.

OfficeExpo 2011 is a project that provides a valid and efficient alternative to the operators of the field that cannot count on this year’s edition of the Office Exhibition. In fact, with OfficeExpo companies have the same visibility that they would have with a booth in a show without the high costs connected to it; the users can save time and energy avoiding to look for new products through booths and showrooms.

“OfficeExpo 2011” contains images, videos, articles, presentations, insights and press releases dedicated to the new products.
And that’s not all:
you can leave a comment and a consideration that everyone can access virtually, practically an open debate on all the newly presented products.

Moreover, a preference vote can be expressed: all users can vote the products that they consider most interesting and, at the end of the year, the product that will have obtained the greatest interest will be awarded with the OfficeExpo Award.

All information published on “OfficeExpo 2010” are visible in major search engines.

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